Talking ’bout hairstyles: quiff tutorial

It was merely by chance that I stumbled upon a great video tutorial today. It is definitely a coincidence that I was talking about this hairstyle just yesterday and then found this how-to that explains in detail how to make 2 different quiffs. By the way, it seems the correct term is not pouf, but quiff!

Anyway, click the image below to access the video over at Mookychick. You can also head to Maxine’s blog, where it is also located.


Song of the day: Trouble is your friend, by Lenka

I was visiting some blogs from my huge link list and, out of the blue, this sweet music just started playing. Trouble is I was checking about six different blogs at the same time and had no clue where that was coming from. I had to close all windows, one by one, to discover.

So, the song came from happy mundane and it was Lenka’s Trouble is a friend. The video is quite beautiful and was what caught the blog owner’s attention. The best thing is that he posted it on his page from Myspace, so it just starts when you access the page. Such a pleasant surprise!

As I really fell in love with both music and video, I’m posting it here for you all, too. Enjoy it! =)

ps: that reminds me that I haven’t changed the side bar in ages. gotta do it asap.