Have a cupcake, will ya?

Cupcakes (almost) readyI’m totally in love with making cupcakes. I got this recipe from a Ravelry user and it really rocks. I mean, making this batch was pretty much a piece of cake (no pun intended!). As I am a slow crafter, it took me about one hour and fifteen minutes to make each one of these, including filling and sewing. I was supposed to make a bird last night, but I’m sick and got very much tired halfway through it. I finished the crochet this morning, but I have to leave to meet my cousin, so I will only be able to finish it tonight. It is adorable, though and will be comfortably sitting in a little white metal cage I bought on Monday.

See the project page here. There, you can find the link for the pattern. Its author, Hannah, is listed in my link page. Click here and you’ll be directed to her blog, BitterSweet.

(in the picture, three of a set of five cupcakes. i used different yarns, so the pink topping was smaller and I had to make it bigger. that’s why it looks kinda crooked – it ended up flatter and bigger than the others, because I enlarged it too much. =p )


WIP: La-la-love-you cowl by Sandra Park

Just started one other cowl. Yes, I know that we’re about to enter summer (I’m located in Brazil, just to clarify), but my obssession with those itens has not vanished yet. So I thought I could use lighter yarn and, maybe, use it in one cold summer day. Crossing my fingers here.

Anyway, I fell in love with this La-la-love-you cowl (pattern from Popknits #01) and decided to make a few alterations. Instead of the 5.0 mm circular needle the “recipe” requires, I took up my 4.0 mm circular. The yarn is also not so thick as the one Sandra Park used in hers. I guess it is turning out more open that it was supposed to, but as I’m adapting it to higher temperatures, the result should be quite nice.

As you can see in the picture below (left), I have really just started. You can also see a detail of the pattern (right).

Click here for this project’s ravelry page.


Surto de projetos

Então que eu ando razoavelmente produtiva nos tricôs e crochês da vida. Finalmente, já que a fila de espera no Ravelry só aumentava, aumentava e eu não tomava uma atitude a respeito. Aí, deu um ‘cinco-minutos’ e eu destampei a fazer cowls, cachecóis, wristwarmers e tiarinhas fofas. Agora, preciso de outro surto desses para fazer o upload das fotos pro Flickr e pra lá.

Enquanto isso não acontece, eu fico tresloucada procurando mais e mais projetos pra fazer (e isso que eu continuo fazendo os mais básicos, um atrás do outro). O próximo é a Gilmore Vest, que eu achei via Ravelry. Me parece bem fácil de fazer e eu tô super querendo uma blusitcha assim para fazer composições!

Outros que também já entraram na fila são os dois abaixo – um colarinho de crochê e uma guitarra de pano! Ooonnnn, preciso muito de uma dessas!

Para um look delicado. Veja mais aqui. Link via craftzine
Para rockin’ kids. Veja mais aqui. Link via craftzine