Late thoughts on Inauguration Day

It kinda took me a while to make up my mind if I should say this here or not, but I ended up deciding for ‘heck, yeah’! I’m not American, I don’t live in the US and I am pretty sure I won’t ever do. Still, I was very emotional last Tuesday because of Inauguration Day. Reasons for that were many, but, to put it in a simplistic way, Barack Obama’s victory truly gave me reason to believe that the world is changing for the better. It is also great to feel that there really are people out there that also feel this need for change and that are actively doing something.

So that’s it. This is not really a blog in which I want to vent my political views, specially because I’m pretty sure there are much better-informed people out there to do this, but I’ve been feeling extremely hopeful these days and felt I couldn’t keep it inside me for longer. =p

On the same note, I really liked this Penelope Jolicoeur’s “strip”, so I’m gonna leave the link here so you can all enjoy it: http://www.penelope-jolicoeur.com/2008/11/on-est-bien-con.html


Something old, something new…

Yesterday had plenty of adventure and distress. I went to this music festival and did not get there as smoothly as I would have liked. Anyway, things ended up working out just fine and I’ll talk about this on a following post. This one is to direct you to a great comic strip. It has to do with Obama’s victory and it is, unfortunately, quite true, for some of us. Be sure to check it out.