Paper birds for your desk

Nanibirds. Just lovely! They are paper models and you can download the patterns for free in the site. There are quite a few different types, so you’re bound to find at least one to your liking. The original idea came from Josh McKible. He says that “nani is the Japanese word for ‘what’ and it pretty much sums up my experience of living in Japan”. Then he started painting birds saying that and from there came the idea of doing the paper models. He has already three batches, I guess, and many artists joined him in creating the designs.

(via Folding Trees)


Crafting with paper

I love paper crafts, but I’m not very good in scrapbooking. Actually, I’m pretty terrible in it. Therefore, in order to calm down my inner needs for messing with paper, I have to search and come up with different techniques and projects. I mean, I’d love to have the ability to put together a wonderful scrapbook, but I just don’t have it in me. So I was checking out some recent projects that involve paper and thought I should post some links here for anyone who’s interested.

I never really cared much about quilling, specially after seeing a couple of terrible projects on one Brazilian magazine. This beautiful ornament, however, made me change my mind. Make this gorgeous paper snowflake with the tutorial from Reese Dixon’s blog. (via Folding Trees, whip up and craftzine)

Simple and cute paper balls for crafting up your tree. The cool thing here is to use the kind of paper they used, the one with one patterned side. I think the big one with the little flowers on the inside is just beautiful! From Design Sponge. (via whip up)

Easy-to-make origami stars. Check the step-by-step instructions over at Zen Crafting. (via Folding Trees and craftzine)

Want flowers that will last (almost) forever? Try out this tutorial from Dozi Design. (via Creature Comforts and whip up)

Lovely paper chandelier. A bit of glitter and some beads will give it a more sparkling look! Made by Cheeky Magpie. (via craftzine)

Kusudama is an origami paper ball, kind of. Read all about it and learn how to make one in Folding Trees – there are two parts and you can find the link for the final one in the end of the post. (via craftzine)

A little bit more complicated, but still on a quite basic level, you can find these great 3D stars by High Hopes. (via craftzine)

A very simple ornament like this one made by Domesticali can become quite adorable when you mix the right coulours or use special paper, like the sheet music.


On hot weather and ‘hot’ paper trees

I’ve been terribly lazy this week and the weather is the one to blame. I just can’t take this terrible hotness. I mean, it makes me want to lay down all day long, in a pool, if possible, and not doing anything, really. Anything new here. Every summer it is the same, so I better just get used to it.

Anyway, because of the heat wave, I just didn’t do much of use these past days. I mean, today I really started moving on with those felt ornaments, so expect pictures soon. For now, a link for a cute tree tutorial will have to do.

So, the picture above was taken from Splitcoast Stampers. Jenn Balcer has this invredible tutorial on how to make trees like that up. Totally worth the visit! Click here and go check it out.


Christmas ’round the corner

Early December and Christmas decorations are already piling up everywhere. I mean, it is definitely no uncommon a thing, but here chez moi we don’t really put up ornaments and garlands and all that stuff until the month’s first fortnight is over. Yeah, we’re a bunch of lazy bums and procrastinators.

But leaving it all to the last minute does not mean that we haven’t started preparing. I’m in the process of making some tree ornaments and I still want to make a different wreath for our front door, even though I haven’t really decided how it’d be.

I’ve been looking for inspiration in some magazines and found really cute stuff on Martha Stewart Living’s last issue. I would love to have the winter issue of Marie Claire Idées, as well, but the fall one got here in Brazil only a couple weeks ago, so I don’t have any hopes that this holidays’ one will be here any time before January. That’s a pity but I’ll leave the projects in it for next year.

Anyway, I’ve found many great ideas not only for decorations, but also for gifts on Martha Stewart’s mag and thought I could post some of them this week. This is my favourite idea from december’s MSL:

Loved this paper tree adornments. Simple, yet cute. They are very much easy to make and will look totally adorable on an empty mantlepiece or something like that. All you need to make ’em is green cardboard, wooden skewers, hot-glue gun and spools to be the base.


A prelude to bookbinding

I’ve been wanting to try and make handbound books, but to kind of get started, I thought it would be better to make a couple using glue. My brother made a sketchbook for his drawings using this quite easy technique and it turned out great, really. So I bugged him a little bit ’til he had told me exactly what he had used and how he had done it. Tomorrow I’ll give it a try and show you the finished object.

Now, some pictures of his work. I think it looks pretty good for something he had never done before. Loved it, really.


Oh, and he was going for a “raw” look, so he used scraps from magazines and newspapers to decorate the cover and did not hide the book’s spine. I really liked the eay he blend the scraps. First time I saw it in his bedroom, I thought it was something he had bought, honest!

notepad_prev03 notepad_prev02


Book: The big-ass book of crafts

bigassbookofcrafts_coverThe big-ass book of crafts is one helluva book. Not just size-wise, no.  I mean, it having over 150 projects certainly influenced me on buying it. But what really drew me to it is the fact that it covers very different craft areas, kind of like The crafter culture handbook, one of my other favourite craft books. “Written” by Mark Montano, who’s one of the designers for TLC’s While You Were Out, this book is really chock-full with great ideas. Just take a look below (in the end of the post) to see some of my fave.

It is very true that I did not like at all a few of the projects, specially those papier-mache ones. I kinda hate this technique with all my heart since I was a kid, so I guess there’s no way I’ll ever like something that’s made in this way. But even strongly disliking some of the projects, I totally loved most of ’em and can really see myself doing a couple in a ver near future.

Overall, I think it’s a great book for crafters who want to diversify a bit and don’t really know how or where to start. Unlike some, it does not bring detailed info on the different techniques used, so don’t buy it thinking you’ll find that kind of specifics. But the thing is no project requires you being highfully skilled, so you won’t really miss knowing more.

bigassbookofcrafts 001 bigassbookofcrafts 003 bigassbookofcrafts 004
bigassbookofcrafts 007 bigassbookofcrafts 005 bigassbookofcrafts 008
bigassbookofcrafts 002 bigassbookofcrafts 009

Projects shown above: 3D blossom box; bound books; baby head paperweight; spray-painted envelopes; punk plates; bubble stationery and envelopes; special toothpaste; giant octopus.


Tutorial craze

Já que anteontem coloquei um monte de links de tutoriais encontrados através do Craftzine, resolvi fazer o mesmo com o One Pretty Thing, que eu acabei de descobrir. O link já está ali do lado, na parte de crafts. Inclusive, estou pensando em criar uma página só para isso, porque a lista com todos os sites e blogs que eu gosto e visito está grande demais pra ficar aí do lado.

Bom, vamos ao que interessa. Aí vão os links!
* UPDATE: duas amigas que viram o post me perguntaram onde eu encontrei essas diquinhas. Tá ali em cima, mas pode não ter ficado claro, então digo mais uma vez: todos os links abaixo são via One Pretty Thing, isto é, garimpei tudo por lá. Vale a pena a visita pra quem entende inglês e quer se inspirar pra projetinhos craft.

Coração alado de tricô e espaço para escritinho:

Bonequinho de vodu (pode ser usado como pincushion!):

Botão de tricô:

iPod cozy em formato de estrela:

Bolsa em formato de guitarra:

Globos de papel colorido:

Escrivaninha dupla com estante:

Estojo para guardar agulhas de crochê:
http://www.craftstylish.com/item/7218/how-to-make-a-super-simple-roll-up-for-organizing-your-crochet-hooks (no site da Martha Stewart, rola um tutorial para fazer um estojo similar, só que a idéia dela é para colocar lápis! Vale a pena conferir também, aqui.)

Mural feito com elásticos:

Cortina feita com fitas:

Caixa organizadora para calcinhas e meias:

Bolsinha para carregar garrafa d’água: