Talking ’bout hairstyles: quiff tutorial

It was merely by chance that I stumbled upon a great video tutorial today. It is definitely a coincidence that I was talking about this hairstyle just yesterday and then found this how-to that explains in detail how to make 2 different quiffs. By the way, it seems the correct term is not pouf, but quiff!

Anyway, click the image below to access the video over at Mookychick. You can also head to Maxine’s blog, where it is also located.


I *heart* stationery

All the lovebirds out there will be quite happy with this quick and easy project from How About Orange: paperclips shaped as hearts. So lovely! I still couldn’t make a perfect one; my clips are too dang rigid! But they are still cute! Anyway, these are perfect to send together with your Valentine’ s card, I guess.

image from How About Orange


Making fancy/crazy knitting needles

If I had to choose only one craft to do for the remainder of my life, I would choose knitting, no doubt. It was the first one I learned and the one I love the most ’til this day. I don’t care it usually takes me forever to finish a knitting piece or that most patterns require my utmost attention, no. Knitting is a source of pleasure as well as a kind of therapy for all moments, whether they are good or bad.

Because of that everlasting love, I tend to buy more yarn than I could possibly use in a lifetime, not to mention all its correlated gadgets. And I do enjoy the fact that I can get beautiful knitting needles to brighten things up; I’m definitely not one for plain items: everything has got to have a twist of colour.

That said, I present to you the lovely and joyous item below:

Yes, they are knitting needles! They were found via Ei! Kumpel and are, definitely, the crazyest/most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my whole life. These cuties were made with resin and their creator was kind enough to share the how-to with the rest of the world. You can find directions to make your own HERE. Just so you all know: it is quite easy and the mold used is a McDonald’s straw. Apparently, you can make different sizes by finding other tubes. Oh, just go check this great tutorial out, will ya?


Bringin’ snow to the Tropics and felt ornaments

Yesterday was a crafty day. Actually, I had a crafty afternoon, since I procrastinated all morning. Anyway, I was adamant in finishing most of the ornaments by the end of the day. There wasn’t really a lot to do, it’s just that I’m a terrible lazy bum, so I figured it would take me the whole afternoon to call it a day.  So I embroidered and sew and applied the starched tissue on the back of my felt trees. I also started a crocheted ornaments’ project, with instructions from this CraftStylish post. I’ve used two different yarns and hooks, so I ended up with, surprise, two different size of ornaments. They’re totally cute, even though I’m not sure if they are going to the tree due to the huge amount of things that are already supposed to be on it.

Today will be one more busy day, with little time for crafts, but I really wanna try and make it snow in here. No, I’m not crazy, I’m really hoping for a snowstorm in São Paulo, even if it is fake and only exists in my bedroom. The idea was “borrowed” from CraftStylish’s contributor Jeffery Rudell and will, hopefully, delight my tropical family. You can find details on how to do it HERE, but I can already tell ya that the whole process is supa-dupa easy. I firmly believe that this is one of those things that is ready before you even know it!

So, I’ll let you all with some nice pics from my last crafty burst.

Felt everything! Ornaments for the tree and little trees for decorating other spaces. Oh, the big star is probably this year’s tree-topper. I hope it looks good up there.

Crochet ornaments unfinished. I only wanted to make as much as possible in the shortest time, so I left the weaving in for later.


On hot weather and ‘hot’ paper trees

I’ve been terribly lazy this week and the weather is the one to blame. I just can’t take this terrible hotness. I mean, it makes me want to lay down all day long, in a pool, if possible, and not doing anything, really. Anything new here. Every summer it is the same, so I better just get used to it.

Anyway, because of the heat wave, I just didn’t do much of use these past days. I mean, today I really started moving on with those felt ornaments, so expect pictures soon. For now, a link for a cute tree tutorial will have to do.

So, the picture above was taken from Splitcoast Stampers. Jenn Balcer has this invredible tutorial on how to make trees like that up. Totally worth the visit! Click here and go check it out.


Lost and found

I’m constantly coming accross very nice sites or tutorials in my wanderings over the net, which is just great. But the bad thing is I have this terrible habit of using any small paper that’s in my view to jot down the address. Of course I end up losing many of them or even forgetting all about some great and easy projects or recipes because the little paper with its location is in the middle of a hundred others.

So, yesterday I was going through the contents of a purse I haven’t used for quite some time and found one interesting project: a pencil case made entirely of zippers! It came from a Brazilian blog called Kanten. It was published on September, not so long ago, huh! Anyway, it is such a fun idea to make AND carry around. I’m definitely going out tomorrow to buy some coulourful zippers. You can see below a picture taken from the blog.


And since we’re talking about pencil cases, I thought I’d share this cute idea from Craft Leftovers. Originally, it is a hook clutch, but I quite loved the design and think it can be easily altered into a pencil case. Shouldn’t be too hard, right? Click on the link above to got to the page where you can find a pdf file with instructions for the project.

hookclutch2_craftleftovers hookclutch_craftleftovers


Tutorial craze

Já que anteontem coloquei um monte de links de tutoriais encontrados através do Craftzine, resolvi fazer o mesmo com o One Pretty Thing, que eu acabei de descobrir. O link já está ali do lado, na parte de crafts. Inclusive, estou pensando em criar uma página só para isso, porque a lista com todos os sites e blogs que eu gosto e visito está grande demais pra ficar aí do lado.

Bom, vamos ao que interessa. Aí vão os links!
* UPDATE: duas amigas que viram o post me perguntaram onde eu encontrei essas diquinhas. Tá ali em cima, mas pode não ter ficado claro, então digo mais uma vez: todos os links abaixo são via One Pretty Thing, isto é, garimpei tudo por lá. Vale a pena a visita pra quem entende inglês e quer se inspirar pra projetinhos craft.

Coração alado de tricô e espaço para escritinho:

Bonequinho de vodu (pode ser usado como pincushion!):

Botão de tricô:

iPod cozy em formato de estrela:

Bolsa em formato de guitarra:

Globos de papel colorido:

Escrivaninha dupla com estante:

Estojo para guardar agulhas de crochê:
http://www.craftstylish.com/item/7218/how-to-make-a-super-simple-roll-up-for-organizing-your-crochet-hooks (no site da Martha Stewart, rola um tutorial para fazer um estojo similar, só que a idéia dela é para colocar lápis! Vale a pena conferir também, aqui.)

Mural feito com elásticos:

Cortina feita com fitas:

Caixa organizadora para calcinhas e meias:

Bolsinha para carregar garrafa d’água: