I *heart* rainbows

Colourful things are something I love to death, and I really believe that the brighter, the better. Using more than one colour in me at a time is one more thing that I’m very fond of doing. For all these reasons, there’s no way I couldn’t love rainbows!

Concurso Superziper - Kit Aslan

This one was made specifically for a swap and took quite some time to get ready. As I couldn’t find any free pattern on the internet and was not really inclined to buying one, coming up with my own little “recipe” was the solution. The thing is: I suck at reading and understanding patterns. So, how on earth was I supposed to create something nice? I started with a circle and went from there. After some trials and errors, I finally came up with the amount of stitches I should increase in each row, as well as the places those increases should happen.

Being able to make the effing pattern really made me proud, even though it is really a basic and free of mistery one. I’m excited with the new opportunities this may bring, so I’m sure to try and come up with many more patterns. And, as I said some time ago, I’ll be posting real soon a pdf for anyone who wiches to make a cute rainbow just like mine! I’ve already started, but we had Carnival last week and then I had to work this past weekend (gotta love being a journalist!), so there was little time left to make any real progress on it.


Rainbow Swap contentsOn the right, the goodies I sent to my swap partner: the rainbow stuffie (of course), a cute fortune cookie (in the picture, with no fortune whatsoever) and a small cupcake (blueberry, I guess). They all turned out just great and I’m very pleased with myself for being able to sew all necessary parts. I really hate the sewing part, really do.


Cupcake party!

A couple days ago, I made a post about amigurumi and featured a pattern that is published in a Flickr group. That way, everybody can make their own version of it an post pictures for appreciation. Today, I found one more group like that, just this time the pattern is for a cupcake softie! The group was created by Timothy Haugen, the owner of Fantastic Toys. Go HERE for the group and pattern. Other softies by Fantastic Toys can be purchased HERE. Blog HERE.

image from Fantastic Toys


Have a cupcake, will ya?

Cupcakes (almost) readyI’m totally in love with making cupcakes. I got this recipe from a Ravelry user and it really rocks. I mean, making this batch was pretty much a piece of cake (no pun intended!). As I am a slow crafter, it took me about one hour and fifteen minutes to make each one of these, including filling and sewing. I was supposed to make a bird last night, but I’m sick and got very much tired halfway through it. I finished the crochet this morning, but I have to leave to meet my cousin, so I will only be able to finish it tonight. It is adorable, though and will be comfortably sitting in a little white metal cage I bought on Monday.

See the project page here. There, you can find the link for the pattern. Its author, Hannah, is listed in my link page. Click here and you’ll be directed to her blog, BitterSweet.

(in the picture, three of a set of five cupcakes. i used different yarns, so the pink topping was smaller and I had to make it bigger. that’s why it looks kinda crooked – it ended up flatter and bigger than the others, because I enlarged it too much. =p )