Christmas ’round the corner

Early December and Christmas decorations are already piling up everywhere. I mean, it is definitely no uncommon a thing, but here chez moi we don’t really put up ornaments and garlands and all that stuff until the month’s first fortnight is over. Yeah, we’re a bunch of lazy bums and procrastinators.

But leaving it all to the last minute does not mean that we haven’t started preparing. I’m in the process of making some tree ornaments and I still want to make a different wreath for our front door, even though I haven’t really decided how it’d be.

I’ve been looking for inspiration in some magazines and found really cute stuff on Martha Stewart Living’s last issue. I would love to have the winter issue of Marie Claire Idées, as well, but the fall one got here in Brazil only a couple weeks ago, so I don’t have any hopes that this holidays’ one will be here any time before January. That’s a pity but I’ll leave the projects in it for next year.

Anyway, I’ve found many great ideas not only for decorations, but also for gifts on Martha Stewart’s mag and thought I could post some of them this week. This is my favourite idea from december’s MSL:

Loved this paper tree adornments. Simple, yet cute. They are very much easy to make and will look totally adorable on an empty mantlepiece or something like that. All you need to make ’em is green cardboard, wooden skewers, hot-glue gun and spools to be the base.


Christmas ’round the corner

Omg, Christmas is less than two months away and preparations MUST NOT wait longer to start. I mean, even though I know I still got time, should I keep on putting it off, nothing will be ready on time. So, I finished my research yesterday and, now, have quite good an idea what I’ll be making in the following days. Here are some good ideas found on some pretty good crafty blogs. Enjoy!

This is a tutorial for a very nice luminary. It was aimed at Halloween (hence the black cardboard paper), but I’m sure that if one uses some colourful material, the project will be fit for Christmas decoration as well.

Still on The Long Thread, I found extremely easy instructions to a ribbon wreath that may be used quite efficiently as a substitute for those more co
mmon ones. Once again, this was Halloween-targeted, but a simple change of the colours will do the trick and make it look more Christmas-y.

One more wreath. This time, one made with paper circles. Coloured paper circles. Really joyful, though I don’t know if it will blend in well with the rest of my intended decoration.

These are very cute fabric pompoms which are sure to give a delicate twist to your décor. Personally, I haven’t got a clue where I’ll be placing the ones I eventually make. But I just love pompoms, so my house is sure to have a few scattered over.

From Martha Stewart’s to your home, right? So, these are intended for some all-american party, but I’m positive that everybody will be able to use different patterns to turn it into a perfect Christmas’ party item.

The felt ornaments for the tree are, actually, the things I’m most anxious to
do. It has everything to do with some kind of family tradition. My family’s Christmas tree always had tons of ornaments that were specially made by mom when we were toddlers. So, I guess this is just me wanting to, finally, follow the leader, let’s put it like that. 😉 (via craftzine)

More felt ornaments. This ones are very simple yet extremely effective, I think, due to them being bicolor. Combine nice shades and have a totally cool tree. (As you may all perceive, I’m not much of a fan of traditional Christmas colours.) (via whipup.net)

Another idea, same blog. This time, with embellishments.

Yet another ornament. The idea of this one is pretty cool: she cut two trees from some fabric with ‘em in its pattern. The she embellished a bit and started to sew the pieces together, not forgetting the filling. The end result was pretty cute.

Outdoor ambient must not be forgotten, of course! So, what about making these fairy lights to enhance one particular corner of your yard or garden? I know there are lots of options in stores everywhere, but the idea here is to try and use as much handmade decoration as possible. (via oneprettything)

You know that kind of dough you make at home to kids on vacation? So, here you will find instructions on how to make great ornaments with it. Gotta try it, really! (via craftypod)

I am pretty much in love with these candles. They are gorgeous and, on top of that, extremely easy to make. I’ve never made something like it in my whole life, bur really am going to give it a try. (via whipup)

More ornaments, yay! These are made of paper, which is great, ‘cause you can use old magazines to make ‘em. Better than recycle, methinks. (via hostesswiththemostess)