Texturized bangles

Leftover yarn is quite a plague for me, as I have tons of small balls of wool that cannot be used for big projects. I like making headbands with them, but there’s only so many you can make and really use. This is why I loved this idea from Martha Stewart’s daily email: wool wrapped bangles. All you have to do is wrap your leftover yarn in a plastic bangle, say, and that’s it, you’ll have a different and texturized bracelet. I specially like the idea of using different colours to make striped bangles.

One advantage of these wool-covered bangles over metal/wood/plastic ones is the noise (lack of it, actually). I love noisy earrings and bracelets, but I can’t deal with clatter like this when I’m working on a computer, for example.


On summer and making stuff

I kinda like the idea of having summer just ’round the corner, but when it does arrive, I remember why I hate this season so much. Don’t really know about everybody else, but for me, summers are all about being very tired and sweaty and having to use tons of sunscreen to avoid getting overburnt. And even though I can thinks of plenty more reasons to add to this list, I find almost none to put under the ‘reasons to love summertime’ column. Daytime savings is one and the most important. I mean, it is really nice to walk on the streets at 8 pm and have the sun still shining a little bit, which wouldn’t really happen otherwise. Apart from that, I only want summer to end as soon as possible, bringing back my will to move again.

Anyway, these days haven’t been a total waste. Activities like reading like crazy, house searching and jewelry making have occupied my freetime. Remember when I posted about a very cool pair of earrings made of colourful buttons? So, I made some of those in two different sizes. (Actually, I think I may have already said something about it here, but I just can’t really recall.)

button earrings - blues and pinks version button earrings - blue version

I also started to get excited about Valentine’s Day and made a few lovely bracelets, with hearts and pink beads and all that stuff. I only have a picture of this one, though:

Valentine bracelet

I’ll get picture of the other items as soon as I start feeling a little bit better with all this heat.