Fave new item: nude sandals

I love shoes, but I’m not much one for trendy ones, usually. Most of the time, I’m wearing my white (and dirty) converse shoes or some cute flat. I do own some great high heels, but it’s just more comfy to walk around in tennis shoes all day, I guess.

Anyway, as much as I love being comfortable, I just couldn’t help myself when I saw this pair of nude sandals on Santa Lolla. So I tried them on and, surprise! They are not only amazingly beautiful, they are also very much comfortable. And they are a size 34, what makes my feet look even smaller.

Below, a combination of this wonderful sandals with my weird pants. They were actually, I recall, supposed to be bermuda shorts, but I’m so little they go a few inches past my knees. I love ’em to death but still cannnot figure ’em out. They’re jeans  and kind of a mixture of bloomers, three quarter pants and something else entirely. I guess they’re not the most flattering shape for me but I truly fell in love when I saw them and couldn’t help but buying it.

ps: hiding the face because i have this huge pimple just over my mouth. there’s no way to not see it, ugh.


Cute alert: Wing & Wendy store

I just found this absolutely adorable store over at Etsy, Wing and Wendy. It belongs to sisters that share a passion for fashion and, oh my, it offers some serious cuteness in form of necklaces and rings like the ones below. I don’t really know how I came to find it, but I’m sure it was through one of my hundreds of links. Anyway, I fell in love with a few items, specially the ones with bows. I’ve been quite addicted to bows lately and even bought some pretty items with all kinds of bows on ’em. None of them as beautiful as that Chanel inspired necklace, that also has one other of my current passions: pearls. If you like this two items, be sure to check up their store, as you’ll definitely find a lot more lovable items.


The yellow bag/clutch

I had work to do this week, so I couldn’t really do anything else. Today, though, I had to put everything o hols for a couple hours to go find a sort of swimming robe for my aunt. I guess the word makes no sense at all, but I just don’t know how to call it in English. It is something you put over your swimming suit, you know? Well, I did go and get a very cute one and, in the process, got myself a little purse. It is definitely cute and sort of shiny (I mean, it’s bright yellow, it kinda shines) and I’m in love with it! Ain’t it cute?

"sunny" bag "sunny" bag once again


A special gift guide

Thimble’s has this great holiday gift guide up on their site. Even though the entire list consists of goodEGG (their own shop) products, the ideas are definitely worth having a good look at. The products are very beautiful, but I’d have to have ordered them quite a few weeks ago in order to have everything here by now. So, it does not work for me in that way, but it is surely a source of inspiration if you’re still looking for that perfect gift for your vintage-lover friend, say.


Shopping for buttons

Earlier this week, I went a-shopping for buttons. That’s right, buttons! I wanted to make the earrings I wrote about  a few days ago, here. So I went and bought this terribly adorable and colourful buttons. I wanted some yellow ones, too, but they only had ’em in a very light tone of yellow, a very putting-off kind of colour, in my opinion. Anyway, I bought them and will try making the project as soon as possible.

(I know the earrings I showed were way more cheerful, but I kind of liked the idea of mixing navy blue with pinks and reds and purples. So, my earrings will be a little bit more… hum, somber, maybe?)