The Mad Hatter experience

madhatterThe costume party I talked about a few posts back was last Friday, but I only downloaded the pictures today. L-a-z-y, I know, specially if I tell you I only took about ten or twelve shots for a number of reasons that include me not being totally sober and the existence of tons of other people photographing every single detail of the whole affair. Anyway, I really went as female and more modern version of the Mad Hatter. I just loved my costume, but what really pissed me off was that most people did not know who this character is. I mean, please, you do not need to be well-read to know Alice’s Adventures  in Wonderland an even Through the Looking-Glass. And I don’t even mean looking at me and recognizing it right away, no! I mean, if I tell you I’m dressed as the Mad Hatter, you kind of need to know what I’m talking about. So, this was a bit disappointing.

Now, the costume… I realize now I did not take a picture of the vest I made, but I have a couple things to show. Below, the top hat. It has a blueish fabric wrapped all around it, paying homage to Tim Burton’s idea. It does have the 10/6 little plaque, as well as a pepper embellishment. This one was entirely because of the sixth chapter in the first Alice book, Pig and Pepper.

Next, we have two necklaces I used. The first one was made with a teapot illustration that came in dress my father gave me. It was pretty stiff cardboard, so it worked just fine. The other one was a surprise for me. I looked for a vintage looking pocket watch, but could not find any. Luckily, my stepmom found one and bought it for me! It does not look vintage, but it is soooo wonderful! And it is new, so it works. She gave it to me a couple hours before the party so I had to improvise a crochet chain and it really did the trick.

Below, you can see a tiny little bit of the vest and also my eye makeup. I did two of my friends’ makeup, so I had no time to take a picture of the complete outfit, but I intend to dress up again some time this week and take a few shots. But for now, I leave you with this!

Orange, dark pink and black shadows combined to create a fun look!


Costume party bliss: clothing project in the making

A friend of mine is having a costume party to celebrate her birthday this year and when I heard of it, I couldn’t help but thinking what a bummer these kind of parties are. Yes, I am one of those who definitely do not enjoy dressing up as a nurse or Snow White (or whatever floats your boat) and spend the whole night prancing around in weird clothing. Sure, I’ve been to some costume parties before, but I never really liked it. This year, though, I kind of got excited about it and could not stop thinking about the perfect outfit!

My first choice was to go for something a bit burlesque, inspired by Dita Von Teese. I love this picture of her, but, of course, I would go for a more clothed version. With the word ‘burlesque’ in mind, I started to look for references and then rememebered of Britney Spears’  “Circus”! I love how glamourous all her outfits look and I specially love the lion tamer one. Since I was already looking opn a video, I decided to take a look also at Gwen Stefani’s “Rich Girl”. There are many great combos there for pirate lovers like me.


Anyway, after much reasearch, I ended up choosing something a bit different. I resorted to Alice in Wonderland, but am not going as Alice herself or the Queen of Hearts, no. I’m going as him:


Yes, the Mad Hatter! I’m not taking it quite literally, but doing a slightly glam rendition. I am very much excited and anxious, full of ideas and of things to do and buy in order to make this outfit really work. I’ll be sure to post any news concerning this special project of mine. Let’s see what I’ll end up with!


Back to (ballet) school

ballerinatoppers-bakeitprettyI’m back, finally. To the ballet classes, I mean. The previous 5 weeks, more or less, were filled with work-work-work and a pretty awful schedule, which stopped me from being able to attend the classes, much to my unhappiness. I was really making an effort and trying to go back to my flexible and stretchy self, so having to stopi it suddenly like that was really sad. One month without no exercise whatsoever and I’m a few steps back again. Too bad for my body that will have to go through quite harder workout sessions. I really want to get back in shape again, even though I know I’m probably never getting as good as the dancer pictured below. She is Yuan Yuan Tan, a chinese girl that dances with the San Francisco Ballet. Just look at her… Splendid!

And as I am in such a dancing mood, I was going to try and create a small playlist with my fave tracks to dance away to on deezer.com, but, for some reason, could not. So, I’ll leave you with the five top songs on ipod right now. They are all great to dance-dance-dance!

♥ playlist:
body control, leighton meester
ramalama, roisin murphy
standing in the way of control, gossip
circus, britney spears
great dj, the ting tings

Oh, and those three little ballerinas are cake toppers and can be found at Bake It Pretty (the image was taken from there, too). They are a bit kitschy, but I love ’em to death.


Long time no see

I’ve probably run out of excuses to explain my disappearence from this blog. Actually, there is only one: my work. I really love working for websites, but, boy, they can be extremely time-consuming. But this is certainly about to change as I’ll be unemployed soon. I just decided that I couldn’t handle the drama and the problems and the long hours and the need to work from home at times and the little money anymore.

And there’s also one very important thing going on. I was going to talk all about it, but I don’t wanna jinx it and there’s a lot of people knowing about it already (not that I wanted to spread the word, but you know how it goes… You tell one person and then she accidently tells another and, before you know it, everybody’s talking about it.). Just wanna say that I’m crossing my fingers and hoping I can come here again ith good news as soon as possible.


I must really find some time this weekend to post about a few of the things that have been keeping me busy while not at work. Yes, I do have this moments, but as I cannot possibly blog and craft at the same time, I usally find myself deciding for the latter.



I may not be writingin my craft blog, but I am visiting many craft blogs. Over the last months, I decided to use Google Reader so I could share my favourite posts. The thing is I am a little behind in sharing everything. I did “starred” my favourite posts, but forgot to hit the ‘Share’ button. So I’m doing this now, bit by bit. Anyway, to check out some truly amazing tutorials and inspiration from all over the web, click the image above!


Holiday at work

So, it’s Corpus Christi and everybody is enjoying their holiday doing fun or relaxing things, right? But not me, oh, no. I’m working. =P

In order to endure this trial, I chose to resort to cute videos, happy songs and candy. \o/

Below, my weapons of choice:

I love this movie, this scene, this song… I also love dancing to it on Wii.

Vampire – Antsy Pants


Bala 7Belo Maxi (a normal e a versão duo)


One more random post

After months of procrastination, I finally downloaded hundreds of pictures from my camera to my computer. And I really mean months: there were pictures in there I took at my cousin’s wedding – it happened in mid-February. I had pictures with friends, pictures of crafts, pictures of random stuff I saw in the street and liked.

And what may that mean, you ask me? Well, this means I have no excuse to get me out of posting about my crafty projects of lately. I know this blog is qauite abandoned, but things are sure to change.

Meanwhile, I’d like to leave a quote (or not?) that has me thinking a lot since yesterday: stand up for what you believe, even if it means standing alone. I guess it is really easier to just blend in with the crowd and follow whatever it is that the masses decide is good/right, ignoring your own thoughts, but there comes a time when it is all about taking sides. Am I going to be like everybody else and pretend I don’t see the whole of the situation? Or am I going to work up the courage to stand up and say “I don’t agree” out loud? I know what to do, actually, but I just feel so disappointed when everybody else do not have this kind of clarity. =(

(i really have to change my sidebar, i know. this is shameful. fortunately, kol is not anymore the only band in my playlist.)