Musical finds for a lazy Saturday

I’ve been a bit under the weather this week and it’s all culminating in an extremely lazy Saturday. I also have work to do, so what better way to spend my day other than listening to music and researching/writing a little bit?

Hope you enjoy my recent finds, the ones I cannot stop listening to!

.Bingo, Mi and L’au

.Coin Laundry, Lisa Mitchell

.Mowgli’s Road, Marina and the Diamonds

.Reservoir Park, The Dutchess and the Duke

.Veronica’s Veil, Fan Death


Book recommendations online

Finished reading an amazing book but don’t know which one you should tackle next? Well, the people over at Apt Studios developed The Book Seer, an application that gives you suggestions based on the last book you read. You just have to write down title and author and the application will generate lists of reccomendations from Amazon, LibraryThing and BookArmy. I found it quite interesting because there are many-many-many contemporary writers that I don’t know and this is a way to at least get in touch with them, with their work.

For a more detailed analysis, head over to this Guardian’s critique.


Cheating on Eça with Albee

So I kinda cheated. I started reading “A Ilustre Casa de Ramires”, but remembered then that I had not finished “Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf”, by Edward Albee. I took it up once again and, well, I cannot say I liked the storyline. I love Romanticism and hate Realism / Naturalism, so this may explain it all. Still, I loved the way it was written and can appreciate the fact that Albee was one of that authors who really know how to use language to achieve their literary goals. This is the kind of thing that awes me: some people just have a way with words, like Saramago, that leaves me breathless with his prose.

Anyway, now I’m back to Eça de Queirós. Oh, well. Can you feel my excitemente?


Sidebar updated + Oasis in SP

So I finally updated that side bar with everything I’m currently doing. Had to start reading Eça de Queirós for college and now I hate it that I never took the time to read it before. I have a huge pile of papers and books to read and this book is kinda boring and kinda long, a fatal combo.

I also stopped knitting that cowl because I had to go back to the pattern all the time and it is a bit impossible doing that in a bus. The Lady Parker Beret is way easier, so it’s fitted for this situation.

And I’ve been watching True Blood for quite some time now. It got me hooked right from the beginning and it has a great music theme. With all that teen hype surrounding Twilight, I was a bit doubtful about this show. I mean, I like vampires since I was little but this whole Edward-Bella drama… Well, let’s just say that if I had to pick a vampires’ book to kids and teens, it would be Vampirates.

Finally, as you can see, I’m still in love with Kings of Leon. I had this phase where I totally hated their last album, Only By the Night, but eventually that feeling fade out and now I adore it very much. I still think Aha Shake Heartbreak is the best ever, though.

And since we’re talking about music, I have to say I’m over the moon with joy. Oasis will be playing in São Paulo on the 9th May, just seven days after my birthday. For a few reasons, I’ve been saving every single penny that comes into my hands, but this is a super special occasion, most certainly, and I’ll be sure to get extremely good seats. Hopefully, we’ll be already having cold time to make everything even more perfect.

Below, check out the video for I’m Outta Time. Not my favourite Oasis’ song, but still quite cute. (This is a strategy ’cause I just don’t have the time to make a post with pictures and all that.)