Pied-de-poule is love!

I’ve been seeing a lot of pied-de-poule stuff out there, so I decided to gather some great inspirational images and links. Check it out:

# Pied-de-poule fabric roses, one of many ways you can use this pattern in décor. The original post has many more suggestions on decorating with it.

via design sponge

# Incredible patterned tights. I’m in love with those, head over heels in love!

via glamour paraguaio

# Amazing pied-de-poule coat. Loved the way the girl combined it with black items, so the overall look wouldn’t be too much.

via lookbook

# Tutorial on how to photoshop a pied-de-poule (or houndtooth) pattern. Worth checking!

via whip up


Bookcases, dresses and Miley Cyrus

My family is looking for a new house – we want something bigger – and I’ve been busy with helping in the search for a suitable place these last couple days. Not much time for blogging, you can imagine, but I managed to bump into two lovely item I desperately need.

Lovely revolving bookcase. This would be great to hold all those special books and little things you want to proudly display. I really need one of those in my future new room. (via ohdeedoh)

Cute little dress by Nativa that looks like an ensemble of shirt and skirt. Love the puff sleeves and the high waist. (via oh, hello friend)

And that’s it for today. \o/

ps: tiressly listening to the climb, by miley cyrus. i wish i wasn’t, but for some reason i like it a lot. =p


Cute Tuesday Finds: chicadecanela

I’ve been wanting to come up with specific sections for this blog for some time. I mean, there’s always one day when you are not inspired (in my case, when I’m as lazy as possible) and having some kind of category specifically for that day of the week helps a lot getting the job of coming up with a nice post done. So we’ll start today with Cute Tuesday Finds, where you’ll be able to find cuteness overload, hence the name.

This store is a perfect example of ‘cute’. Chicadecanela (cinnamon girl) features items in neutral colours, lots of bows, lace and little bears… all essentials for girls in need of an extra dose of cuteness. Spanish, the store does sell online. You can visit their website for even more eye-candy. I’ll leave you with a few of my favourite items. Check ‘ em out!

via Tokyo Bunnie.


Desk organizers that are both cute and useful

I love stationery items, so my workdesk is a complete mess. To be honest, my desks at home are also pretty terrible, full of stuff thrown around and in dire need of some organizing. The problem is I get tons of small boxes and tins to put stuff into and end up making a mess with all these containers. This is why I loved the desk organizers below. they are big and have thousands of spaces for one to put everything one might need while at work. I can really see myself using this a lot, specially because it is soooo cute!

Bad news: I just cannot recall where I saw this item. And, even worse, I have no clue where you can buy it. =( This is quite a bummer because not only do I want to link it here, but also I was looking forward to buying it.  Argh. I saved these images while at work, so I’ll try and check my computer there for any information.

EDIT: just found the website from where you can get those! They are sold in Artfire by NothingElegant. I still don’t know, though, where I came to know about it. =p