Here a ring, there a ring…

I love rings, even though I don’t wear them a lot because my hands are quite small and somehow I don’t really like the way it looks with this embellishment. Nonetheless, I’ve been saving tons of images of rings and hands wearing them in my we heart it account. After watching Chicago again last night, Roxie’s song got stuck in my head and I decided to post a few of my favourite photos with rings. Enjoy (and click on each image to go to its original location)!


Pied-de-poule is love!

I’ve been seeing a lot of pied-de-poule stuff out there, so I decided to gather some great inspirational images and links. Check it out:

# Pied-de-poule fabric roses, one of many ways you can use this pattern in décor. The original post has many more suggestions on decorating with it.

via design sponge

# Incredible patterned tights. I’m in love with those, head over heels in love!

via glamour paraguaio

# Amazing pied-de-poule coat. Loved the way the girl combined it with black items, so the overall look wouldn’t be too much.

via lookbook

# Tutorial on how to photoshop a pied-de-poule (or houndtooth) pattern. Worth checking!

via whip up


Beauty bits: pink+salmon polish combo

Nail colour of the week was obtained by using one coat of Impala’s Pink and one coat of Colorama’s Coral (salmon with extra tiny shining particles). I guess it looked quite cute, specially with the pink shade underneath the main polish.

I did this last Sunday, after having that luxurious polish I used for the wedding on for only two days. I loved it, but was sick of it already. This morning, three days after painting my nails as I stated above, I started to get tired of it, too. But I did not want to take it all off, so I decided for one more coat of Pink. The result can be seen below.

(in the first picutre, you can see how stained the polish was. i just don’t have a clue why this happened as i am a pretty good manicure. oh, and please disregard the dry cuticles. =p)


Talking ’bout hairstyles: quiff tutorial

It was merely by chance that I stumbled upon a great video tutorial today. It is definitely a coincidence that I was talking about this hairstyle just yesterday and then found this how-to that explains in detail how to make 2 different quiffs. By the way, it seems the correct term is not pouf, but quiff!

Anyway, click the image below to access the video over at Mookychick. You can also head to Maxine’s blog, where it is also located.


Wedding look: chosen outfit and makeup

Even though I look pregnant in the photo, I loved how the shrug looked with the dress I chose to use at last Saturday’s wedding. I bought it a long time ago and never thought of using it that way. I’d choose it whenever I needed a little something to spice a basic white top+jeans look up. The dress and shoes (you cannot really see them because my aunt took the picture and she kinda sucks at it) are from Zara and the shrug from Opera Rock.

The second image is just to better show my hairdo. I loooove big poufs, so I did a semi-high one with flats sides and loose back.

The makeup ended up being easier than I had imagined. I made a test a few hours before the event, but, in the end, changed it all up a bit. The definitive look had brown tones instead of black and a more defined outer edge. Unfortunately, none of the pictures came out well, for some reason. But you can have an idea from this one above.


Beauty bits: nail polish of the weekend

There’s a wedding I’m supposed to attend this Saturday so I had to paint my nails yesterday. I’m wearing a black lacy dress with a deep burgundy velvet shrug, so I thought it might be a good idea to stick with the reds. As I wanted it to have a little bit of funk, I chose Risqué’s Affair. The colour is a purplish red with some sparkling particles that can only be seen in the sun.

Here you can see how the colour is during day, indoors. Disregard the uncleaness; I got lazy and decided to clean it up later.

In this one, the scintillating bits are more visible. Gorgeous, ain’t it?

Oh, my toes were painted dark grey, but I just did not take a picture. Not too fond of showing my feet to the world, ugh!


On wearing socks with sandals

Okay, it does sound weird and it may even remind you of your little old grandfather, but the truth is I’ve been wanting to coordinate sandals and socks for quite some time already. Problem is I was never sure how to pull it off and look decent, even a little bit stylish, instead of resembling something else entirely (I do love this expression, you can see that, right?).

Images from here and here

So it was great finding this article with some tips on how to do put together these two pieces. Worth reading if you’re into this sort of thing. I’m still not sure if I’ll be wearing it, but now it is more to do with the fact that I don’t really think it will be age appropriate. It looks so post-teenager or something like it, at least. But I do think the outfit can turn out quite cute both with long or short socks.