Wedding ideas: guestbook alternatives

I love wedding blogs and sites and even get inspired by them (see here) for everyday projects, but what I really like is to discover fund and unique alternatives to some of the traditional parts of a wedding. The guestbook, for example. Instead of doing a sophisticated but plain book, some brides do try to make something innovative.

The images below show a good way to display your guests messages to you. In the first, they tie their wishes in a little tree and, in the second, all pieces of paper hang from a kind of clothes-line.

(photos from style me pretty)

Other nice ideas include making a guestbook full of colourful little envelopes where friends and family will place their cards and, also, having your guests write on pieces of fabric that will be sewn together later.

(photos from martha stewart weddings)

My favourite ones, though are the two below. Using a cute typewriter in a beautiful table with some pretty paper makes a lot of sense to me, since I’m a journalist. And if the common book is the choice, why not spice it up with polaroids from each of the guests? I bet this would be wonderful to look at 5 or 10 years later!

(photos from martha stewart weddings)


One thought on “Wedding ideas: guestbook alternatives

  1. I loved your blog and the ideas. If I saw tour blog before get married I’d use the small tree and the old “type machine”.
    A question: The people put a biiiiiig paper in the type machine?

    xo xo

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