Beauty bits: pink+salmon polish combo

Nail colour of the week was obtained by using one coat of Impala’s Pink and one coat of Colorama’s Coral (salmon with extra tiny shining particles). I guess it looked quite cute, specially with the pink shade underneath the main polish.

I did this last Sunday, after having that luxurious polish I used for the wedding on for only two days. I loved it, but was sick of it already. This morning, three days after painting my nails as I stated above, I started to get tired of it, too. But I did not want to take it all off, so I decided for one more coat of Pink. The result can be seen below.

(in the first picutre, you can see how stained the polish was. i just don’t have a clue why this happened as i am a pretty good manicure. oh, and please disregard the dry cuticles. =p)


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