Wedding look: chosen outfit and makeup

Even though I look pregnant in the photo, I loved how the shrug looked with the dress I chose to use at last Saturday’s wedding. I bought it a long time ago and never thought of using it that way. I’d choose it whenever I needed a little something to spice a basic white top+jeans look up. The dress and shoes (you cannot really see them because my aunt took the picture and she kinda sucks at it) are from Zara and the shrug from Opera Rock.

The second image is just to better show my hairdo. I loooove big poufs, so I did a semi-high one with flats sides and loose back.

The makeup ended up being easier than I had imagined. I made a test a few hours before the event, but, in the end, changed it all up a bit. The definitive look had brown tones instead of black and a more defined outer edge. Unfortunately, none of the pictures came out well, for some reason. But you can have an idea from this one above.


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