Meeting strangers in Paris

I was going to post about something else entirely, but as I was checking my unread feeds, I came accross the news that one of Design Sponge’s editors, Anne Ditmeyer, was just about to go study in Paris. They linked her personal blog in there, so I clicked it and started to reading a few of her texts. One of them goes on about what she looks forward to doing while there and there laid what caught my attention. She talks abou tthis american guy, Jim Haynes, who’s been hosting Sunday dinners for strangers to meet each other for over 30 years. She found out all about him through an article over at National Public Radio and liked the idea very much. And what’s there not to like, really? According to Jim himself, he’s a firm believer in introducing people and thinks we all should know each other, as our lives are all connected.

It kind of warms my heart and soul just to know that there are people like that out there. It also makes me want to be like that real bad. It is just a good inspiration. If you liked the idea, please, do go over to his site, read more about him and his activities and, why not, email him about getting a place at one of his Sunday dinners!


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