FOs: crocheted and knit berets

As I have already stated, I love berets. But I also love procrastinating and being just a lazy bum. That’s why it took me ages to post about these two I made. The one you see below, in the left, is crocheted with two different yarns. I had this pattern that required thicker yarn, which I hadn’t. I wanted to make a neutral, oatmeal colored beret, but for some reason I paired this colour with pink. It doesn’t look too bad when you see it, but I’m not a fan of the colour, so I’ll be giving it to a friend that LOVES pink. Oh, and the pattern was from some blog but I lost it after getting strated, so I had to improvise the most part of it.

The one in the right was made with a pattern creadted by Natalie Larson from Strands of Me. Please, disregard my pouting face. I do look like that when I don’t smile, ugh. Anyway, I loved the beret and the pattern, but mine did not ended up as slouchy as hers. So I ‘m making another one, this time in brown, to see if changing the yarn will make it better.

Click here to check out my Ravelry notebook and see pictures of these and other projects of mine. You can also check my queue, which is huge!

– – – – –
edit: I forgot to post a close up that shows the pattern a little bit better. the colouring is completely off, i know. look how beautiful this beret is:


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