Father’s day lunch with Bolivian dish

So yesterday was Father’s day here in Brazil and as a special treat to my father, I decided to cook his favourite recipe. You see, he’s from Bolivia and they got some crazy food in there. I mean peanut soup? Ugh, I’m not one for trying different things, I must admit. Anyway, he just loves this dish that’s called Puchero. There are a few versions of it (you can find many different recipes on sites), but for this one, I used rice, potatoes, corn, cabbage and cow ribs. All ingredients are cooked together in a huge pan. In the end, there is a tasteful broth that my family savours as an entrée and that I forgot to photograph.

Above, corn and cabagge ina different bowl from the meat, rice and potatoes; there was not one big enough to put everything together

The recipe is quite easy, you start with the meat and, slowly, you add the other ingredients. Personally, I don’t like it. I love potatoes and rice, but when you cook all these things together… well, I don’t know, the whole thing tastes weird to me. But everyone loved it and papá was quite happy, which was the goal, right.

For dessert, chocolate creme, one other thing he loves. This one was even easier, but I think it was a tiny little bit sweeter than what would be necessary in the end. And it did not really made a perfect match with the main course. Of course, none of it is important since my father appreciated the whole thing.

As for me, as I was too tired to cook something I could eat, I ate a delicious Hot Pocket. \o/


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