Fave new item: nude sandals

I love shoes, but I’m not much one for trendy ones, usually. Most of the time, I’m wearing my white (and dirty) converse shoes or some cute flat. I do own some great high heels, but it’s just more comfy to walk around in tennis shoes all day, I guess.

Anyway, as much as I love being comfortable, I just couldn’t help myself when I saw this pair of nude sandals on Santa Lolla. So I tried them on and, surprise! They are not only amazingly beautiful, they are also very much comfortable. And they are a size 34, what makes my feet look even smaller.

Below, a combination of this wonderful sandals with my weird pants. They were actually, I recall, supposed to be bermuda shorts, but I’m so little they go a few inches past my knees. I love ’em to death but still cannnot figure ’em out. They’re jeans  and kind of a mixture of bloomers, three quarter pants and something else entirely. I guess they’re not the most flattering shape for me but I truly fell in love when I saw them and couldn’t help but buying it.

ps: hiding the face because i have this huge pimple just over my mouth. there’s no way to not see it, ugh.


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