The search for a mint green nail polish

So, ever since Chanel put her models to strut their stuff on the runway with a mint green nail polish, everybody’s been talking about it AND trying to create a shade as similar as possible. As I loooove polishes, I also had to give it a try. I mean, I know they’ll be releasing the Jade Nail Collection qith this and a pink one in October, but I’m not sure how I’ll feel about spending over $20 in a nail polish, so…


My first attempt produced what I believe is a colour kinda close to the real thing, but it looked so dull! So I put a little bit more yellow and ta da! The images above show the diference. I spent a day with the first one in my nails (didn’t even bother to clean up well, ugh) and really got sick of such a boring colour. And, yeah, I know it doesn’t look like the inspiration, but I love it and used it for almost a week.

And since I’m talking about nail polishes, I’m gonna show you a polish I’m very hesitant about: Gelo, by Colorama. This shade is a light grey with a bit of a pearly shine and it is from a new collection that promises perfect colour and coverage with only one coat. I’ve read some bad critiques to this shade, but I quite liked the way it covered my nails. The one thing I hated was that it did not look glossy at all, so a top-coat is essential.


The picture on the right is quite blurred, I know, but I guess it is possible to get an idea of how it looks. My nails on the left one had received a second coat that made the colour too dark, if I recall the whole process correctly. Anyway, the thing is it is a lovely colour at times but, all of a sudden, I look at it and it just makes me bored. Couldn’t spend more than a day with it, too. I dont’t know, maybe I’m a bit too into bright reds and oranges right now. It’s a pity but this will have to wait for better times in the box.


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