Back to (ballet) school

ballerinatoppers-bakeitprettyI’m back, finally. To the ballet classes, I mean. The previous 5 weeks, more or less, were filled with work-work-work and a pretty awful schedule, which stopped me from being able to attend the classes, much to my unhappiness. I was really making an effort and trying to go back to my flexible and stretchy self, so having to stopi it suddenly like that was really sad. One month without no exercise whatsoever and I’m a few steps back again. Too bad for my body that will have to go through quite harder workout sessions. I really want to get back in shape again, even though I know I’m probably never getting as good as the dancer pictured below. She is Yuan Yuan Tan, a chinese girl that dances with the San Francisco Ballet. Just look at her… Splendid!

And as I am in such a dancing mood, I was going to try and create a small playlist with my fave tracks to dance away to on, but, for some reason, could not. So, I’ll leave you with the five top songs on ipod right now. They are all great to dance-dance-dance!

♥ playlist:
body control, leighton meester
ramalama, roisin murphy
standing in the way of control, gossip
circus, britney spears
great dj, the ting tings

Oh, and those three little ballerinas are cake toppers and can be found at Bake It Pretty (the image was taken from there, too). They are a bit kitschy, but I love ’em to death.


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