Long time no see

I’ve probably run out of excuses to explain my disappearence from this blog. Actually, there is only one: my work. I really love working for websites, but, boy, they can be extremely time-consuming. But this is certainly about to change as I’ll be unemployed soon. I just decided that I couldn’t handle the drama and the problems and the long hours and the need to work from home at times and the little money anymore.

And there’s also one very important thing going on. I was going to talk all about it, but I don’t wanna jinx it and there’s a lot of people knowing about it already (not that I wanted to spread the word, but you know how it goes… You tell one person and then she accidently tells another and, before you know it, everybody’s talking about it.). Just wanna say that I’m crossing my fingers and hoping I can come here again ith good news as soon as possible.


I must really find some time this weekend to post about a few of the things that have been keeping me busy while not at work. Yes, I do have this moments, but as I cannot possibly blog and craft at the same time, I usally find myself deciding for the latter.



I may not be writingin my craft blog, but I am visiting many craft blogs. Over the last months, I decided to use Google Reader so I could share my favourite posts. The thing is I am a little behind in sharing everything. I did “starred” my favourite posts, but forgot to hit the ‘Share’ button. So I’m doing this now, bit by bit. Anyway, to check out some truly amazing tutorials and inspiration from all over the web, click the image above!


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