Mad Men zombie style

Found this link via A beautiful mess, but, apparently, I totally missed the ‘skin colour’ button. So, I ended up as a kind of a Mad Men zombie character. Good, I don’t have to worry about the cigarretes. Oh, and it doesn’t look anything like the real me.

What you wainting for (/GwenStefani)? Go MadMen-ize yourself!



The playlist, at last

So yesterday I had a bit of trouble with deezer.com and could not make a playlist as I wanted. Today, I found out about MixPod.com via a Brazilian blog, Deveria estar estudando. Hope it works properly. Enjoy!

edit: it was working properly, but it is a bit of a pain to open this and have the bloody playlist starting. So, I removed it today from the post. If you still wanna listen to it, go HERE!


Back to (ballet) school

ballerinatoppers-bakeitprettyI’m back, finally. To the ballet classes, I mean. The previous 5 weeks, more or less, were filled with work-work-work and a pretty awful schedule, which stopped me from being able to attend the classes, much to my unhappiness. I was really making an effort and trying to go back to my flexible and stretchy self, so having to stopi it suddenly like that was really sad. One month without no exercise whatsoever and I’m a few steps back again. Too bad for my body that will have to go through quite harder workout sessions. I really want to get back in shape again, even though I know I’m probably never getting as good as the dancer pictured below. She is Yuan Yuan Tan, a chinese girl that dances with the San Francisco Ballet. Just look at her… Splendid!

And as I am in such a dancing mood, I was going to try and create a small playlist with my fave tracks to dance away to on deezer.com, but, for some reason, could not. So, I’ll leave you with the five top songs on ipod right now. They are all great to dance-dance-dance!

♥ playlist:
body control, leighton meester
ramalama, roisin murphy
standing in the way of control, gossip
circus, britney spears
great dj, the ting tings

Oh, and those three little ballerinas are cake toppers and can be found at Bake It Pretty (the image was taken from there, too). They are a bit kitschy, but I love ’em to death.


Writing letters for the future

What about sending yourself a letter that will only arrive in 2026? Well, with the help of FutureMe.org, this is quite possible. This site allows you to write yourself any kind of message and delivers is to your email in the future. Ok, not your future email addy, you got that, right? Anyway, you can send messages that will take up to 28 years to arrive back to you (their limit date so far is 31st December, 2037 – are my calculations right?).

That’s kind of interesting, but I’m not sure what I would like to tell the future me. I’d definitely like it better should my future self could send emails back in time. But for everybody that loves the idea of time capsules, this should make your day!


Necklace and headband: DIY ideas from wedding blogs

I am definitely nowhere near getting married, but that doesn’t make me any less willing to plan and decide things in my head. That’s why I just love reading wedding blogs like Style Me Pretty and Once Wed. Not only do they feature some of the most amazing celebrations ever, but they also come up with DIY ideas that are nothing but breathtaking. I am sure many of them will find their way into my own wedding (should I have one, of course), but, for now, I will let you with two pieces that will look perfectly beautiful in your everyday life.

Stephanie’s wedding, a couple month’s ago, was amazing, but what really caught my attention was her beautiful necklace, which was all her doing. Wanna know how she did it? Click HERE to go to Style Me Pretty and find out!

Originally meant for adorning the heads of your bridesmaids, this headband can be adapted for any occasion. The only thing you need to do is to change a few of the items, dress it down a little. Or maybe not! Click HERE to go to Once Wed and see the step-by-step instructions.


Long time no see

I’ve probably run out of excuses to explain my disappearence from this blog. Actually, there is only one: my work. I really love working for websites, but, boy, they can be extremely time-consuming. But this is certainly about to change as I’ll be unemployed soon. I just decided that I couldn’t handle the drama and the problems and the long hours and the need to work from home at times and the little money anymore.

And there’s also one very important thing going on. I was going to talk all about it, but I don’t wanna jinx it and there’s a lot of people knowing about it already (not that I wanted to spread the word, but you know how it goes… You tell one person and then she accidently tells another and, before you know it, everybody’s talking about it.). Just wanna say that I’m crossing my fingers and hoping I can come here again ith good news as soon as possible.


I must really find some time this weekend to post about a few of the things that have been keeping me busy while not at work. Yes, I do have this moments, but as I cannot possibly blog and craft at the same time, I usally find myself deciding for the latter.



I may not be writingin my craft blog, but I am visiting many craft blogs. Over the last months, I decided to use Google Reader so I could share my favourite posts. The thing is I am a little behind in sharing everything. I did “starred” my favourite posts, but forgot to hit the ‘Share’ button. So I’m doing this now, bit by bit. Anyway, to check out some truly amazing tutorials and inspiration from all over the web, click the image above!