Nail care: (miraculous) wax for cuticles

I stopped removing my cuticles over a month ago, for a number of reasons. First, it used to take forever to remove everything and leave my fingertips the way I liked. Then, after only two or three days, there she was again, ruining my manicure. And let’s not mention all the little bruises and all the blood I lost  while doing that by myself or even at a professional. So when I heard that the less you remove your cuticles, the less they grow, I had to give it a try.

But, apparently, there is a catch to this whole thing (nothing in life is THAT easy, you know): you may not cut it out, but you do have to make sure all the skin around your nails is moisturised. There are a lot of lotions specially made for the skin on our hands, that’s for sure, but I never adapted well to any of them and never really thought they made any difference. So I was a bit suspicious of this Granado wax. It does come in a cute pink thingy, but outter beauty is not always an indicative of something good.

Anyways, I bought it for twelve bucks and started using it straight away for about three times a day. And, the biggest miracle of all: it worked just fine! My cuticles are now almost invisible and it is harder and harder for me to see my skin “chipping” (that is not the right word, I guess).

Wanna buy it? Head over to Granado’s site. Click here.


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