One more random post

After months of procrastination, I finally downloaded hundreds of pictures from my camera to my computer. And I really mean months: there were pictures in there I took at my cousin’s wedding – it happened in mid-February. I had pictures with friends, pictures of crafts, pictures of random stuff I saw in the street and liked.

And what may that mean, you ask me? Well, this means I have no excuse to get me out of posting about my crafty projects of lately. I know this blog is qauite abandoned, but things are sure to change.

Meanwhile, I’d like to leave a quote (or not?) that has me thinking a lot since yesterday: stand up for what you believe, even if it means standing alone. I guess it is really easier to just blend in with the crowd and follow whatever it is that the masses decide is good/right, ignoring your own thoughts, but there comes a time when it is all about taking sides. Am I going to be like everybody else and pretend I don’t see the whole of the situation? Or am I going to work up the courage to stand up and say “I don’t agree” out loud? I know what to do, actually, but I just feel so disappointed when everybody else do not have this kind of clarity. =(

(i really have to change my sidebar, i know. this is shameful. fortunately, kol is not anymore the only band in my playlist.)


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