Dressing plain shoes up

Nowadays, I’m quite girly and love shoes, but things weren’t always like that. I guess I like tops so much that every other clothing item ends up being forgotten (like pants… I do like wearing them – ha -, but I’m not crazy about buying them and do not get easily carried away when seeing different styles). I mean, it is very hard to me to find clothes I really like, but this is not true when it comes to tops. I usually love them all and cannot stay long without buying a few.

Anyway, the thing is I’ve only started really appreciating shoes recently and due to my stepmom’s love for them (she’s got a lot of them and some pretty awesome ones, believe me). And even though I own some absolutely adorable pairs, I do miss having a few a bit more “crazy”, if you know what I mean. This is why I just LOVED finding out about this site. …love Maegan features some great outfits by its owner and, surprise, surprise, she even teaches her readers how to add a charming little (or big) something to your plain-looking heels.

This project is the most recent one and my favourite. I mean, look at this blue explosion… It is just amazing! I don’t usually go for sandals that open, but the ruffle kind of covers a big part of the foot, so it’s definitely something I will make.

This one was inspired in a Louboutin and it’s also gorgeous. Again, the problem I might have with it (too open) is kinda fixed by adding the black “petals”.

Oh, and the best thing about this two embellishments: they are removable! So you don’t have to permanently “spoil” your shoes, if that’s a problem for you. And, better, you can change the ruffles’ colour, for example, and have different shoes for different circumstances.

Click on the images to go check the tutorials. All images were taken from …love Maegan.


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