Desk organizers that are both cute and useful

I love stationery items, so my workdesk is a complete mess. To be honest, my desks at home are also pretty terrible, full of stuff thrown around and in dire need of some organizing. The problem is I get tons of small boxes and tins to put stuff into and end up making a mess with all these containers. This is why I loved the desk organizers below. they are big and have thousands of spaces for one to put everything one might need while at work. I can really see myself using this a lot, specially because it is soooo cute!

Bad news: I just cannot recall where I saw this item. And, even worse, I have no clue where you can buy it. =( This is quite a bummer because not only do I want to link it here, but also I was looking forward to buying it.  Argh. I saved these images while at work, so I’ll try and check my computer there for any information.

EDIT: just found the website from where you can get those! They are sold in Artfire by NothingElegant. I still don’t know, though, where I came to know about it. =p


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