Skirts: egg-shaped x tulip

I do like fashion and style issues, but some particularities are just way too much for me. What made me stuck in doubt and uncertainty this time, was the egg-shaped skirt. I went over to Manequim online and there they had this piece on some of the clothes that will be hits on Brazil’s fall/winter. One of them was the afore mentioned skirt (photo on the left) and I went ballistic after seeing it; the shape was only one thing that left me in awe. What I loved the most is the apparent intricacy of the construction. I really want to make one for myself, even though I’m still just a beginner when it comes to sewing.

So I went a-looking for more images and, maybe (hopefully), a pattern to make my life easier. What did I find? Nothing! Ok, this is actually not true. I did manage to find a handful of articles on wearing puffy bottoms, but most of them dated back to 2005, when a lot of  european fashion designers took the shape to the catwalk.

But the main doubt is: what is the difference between this skirt and the tulip one? Because when my search for the egg-shaped skirt led to almost nothing, I decided to concede in trying a slightly different shape. Thing is the images I found were very much similar to the one above, hence the on from Pink Tartan runway show.  So, where exactly does the difference lay?

Confused, I went a-looking for some kind of explanation and found out that tulip skirts have  a circular opening in the front, just like the one Nicole Richie is using below, as opposed to the one from Pink Tartan that, though called a tulip one, is not (at least, if that definition is correct).

For those of you interested in knowing what peeps were saying about the matter a few years back, check out the links below. The first one is, actually, from last year.


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