Natural hair: no poo, low poo

I’m all for new products that promise to work miracles on my crazy and damaged hair. I’ve been colouring it since my early teens and have already used chemicals to straighten it, no to mention the regular use of potent hairdryers. As the years passed by, my naturally dry hair started to get greasy in the roots and extra dry on the ends, and this is kind of a cul-de-sac, because no matter what I do it doesn’t get completely great. When the roots are healthy and clean, the ends are drier than they are supposed to be, and when the hair ends are soft and moisturised, the roots are way too greasy. To me, this always meant I had to wash my hair more often and use good products to keep the ends right. Apparently, though, healthy hair is not always equal to a frequent washing routine.


I’ve just discovered a new movement going ’round for quite some time already in the U.S. It is the No Poo revolution/alternative/whatever and consists in stopping the use of shampoo and all its chemicals in your hair. Gross, you may imagine, but it is not what most of the people who tried going no poo think. After researching a bit, I found out that for most girls, this experience turns out to be more than satisfactory and quite a few of them plan on doing it for as long as possible.

According to their reports, it may take a couple weeks for the locks to get used to this whole new life, but when they do, it is just amazing, specially for girls with curls. The idea is that the natural oils the scalp produces in normal conditions are enough to keep hair healthy, shiny, soft. They do allow, however, using baking soda and apple cider vinegar as substitutes for shampoo and conditioner.

Those out there who just cannot live without some shampoo every now and then may adhere to a lighter version, the Low Poo, in which the occasional use of shampoo (organic, though, I guess) is allowed.

Wanna learn more about this initiative? Check out the links below! The first and second are in Portuguese.


4 thoughts on “Natural hair: no poo, low poo

  1. I enjoy reading your article about hair care for it is my passion as well. You might be interested to join my Hair Spa | Styling Party. I’ll be pleased to share techniques in massage, masking and moisturizing to get your hair to where you want it to be. I bet you’ll gonna enjoy it.

  2. Cool, I tried this last year for about two months. I definitely made it through the detox period but I had to stop because I moved and things were really hectic and stuff. I uses SLS free shampoo now and really love it but only wash every second or third day because my scalp is still in the ‘I don’t need to produce so much oil’ mode. I love it. I’m thinking of trying th no poo method again sometime but also am really intrigued with shampoo bars… Check them out, they’re pretty environmental friendly and also last pretty long.

  3. Hi, Nana,

    Have you converted to “no poo” or “low poo”? I am a heath writer, and I’m doing a story for about shampooing, and I would like to interview someone who has given up shampoo. Would you be willing to speak to me? I would need to speak to you tonight (Sunday) or tomorrow. You can find my work and my contact info at Please get in touch! Thanks!! -Sonya

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