DIY vintage headband

Event though I find it hard to keep hair gear on me all through the day, I have to admit that I love (almost) everything designed to embellish heads. I’ve been looking for ages for basic headbands to adorn with ribbons and bows, other two items I very much like. Anyway, I came across a wonderful project over at Craftzine: a vintage style headband. At the same time it looks a bit sophisticated, it is colourful and over the top. I mean, please, with such an item in your head, you don’t need much else to make a cool outfit. And who wouldn’t want to strutter down the street with that beautiful thing?

Below, the lovely embellishment in detail. Oh, this side has a clover, but the backside of it has a exquisite vintage button. Check the original post at Craftzine for step-by-step instructions and more photos.

* All pictures taken from the Craftzine blog!


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