A 70s-flavoured bag

There’s no way of denying it anymore: I’ve been bit by the 70s bug. It is a bit too late, indeed, but better late than never, if you ask me. It’s been sometime since I’ve been digging 70s-style blouses and pants, actually, but only today I realised the extent of the “damage”. I’m in love with this colourful crocheted purse I found via Craftzine anf that looks almost exactly a handbag I’ve seen in an old picture of some hippies.

It was originally posted in the Craftster forum where it received many deserved compliments. I loved its bright colours and the way it seems to scream “I’m happy!”. Gotta make one, asap. My father is going to die when he sees me with it, though. He, like me a few years ago, is totally against the use of knitting and crochet for purses, and considers it tacky. Who cares, really?

Oh, and be sure to click the link above to see even more pictures. The lining she used is superb and totally matches!


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