I *heart* rainbows

Colourful things are something I love to death, and I really believe that the brighter, the better. Using more than one colour in me at a time is one more thing that I’m very fond of doing. For all these reasons, there’s no way I couldn’t love rainbows!

Concurso Superziper - Kit Aslan

This one was made specifically for a swap and took quite some time to get ready. As I couldn’t find any free pattern on the internet and was not really inclined to buying one, coming up with my own little “recipe” was the solution. The thing is: I suck at reading and understanding patterns. So, how on earth was I supposed to create something nice? I started with a circle and went from there. After some trials and errors, I finally came up with the amount of stitches I should increase in each row, as well as the places those increases should happen.

Being able to make the effing pattern really made me proud, even though it is really a basic and free of mistery one. I’m excited with the new opportunities this may bring, so I’m sure to try and come up with many more patterns. And, as I said some time ago, I’ll be posting real soon a pdf for anyone who wiches to make a cute rainbow just like mine! I’ve already started, but we had Carnival last week and then I had to work this past weekend (gotta love being a journalist!), so there was little time left to make any real progress on it.


Rainbow Swap contentsOn the right, the goodies I sent to my swap partner: the rainbow stuffie (of course), a cute fortune cookie (in the picture, with no fortune whatsoever) and a small cupcake (blueberry, I guess). They all turned out just great and I’m very pleased with myself for being able to sew all necessary parts. I really hate the sewing part, really do.


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