Simple beaded and crocheted necklace

After seeing this cute necklace on The Pretty Penny, I just knew: I had to make a similar one. So, Tuesday night I took embroidery thread, colourful beads and started the work. For some reason, doing only chains and putting a bead after the other wasn’t really working for me. I went to bed thinking about it and woke up with the answer to my problem! Maybe I should try using two threads of floss and make a chain with no bead in between the ones with beads. This is how the necklace below was born. The best part: it took, I don’t know, 20 minutes to make it, probably. The threads would curl a bit and undoing that took some time.

Plastic beads + embroidery floss = cute necklace (detail)

In the close up below, you can better see that there are two threads and their colours – one was pearly and the other light pink. I also decided to use a different knot to finish the whole thing. Actually, it is not really a knot, but a way to make the ends “tangle” in one another and be a little safe. This way, I can use it as a very long necklace or like the photo.

Plastic beads + embroidery floss = cute necklace (detail)

Another alteration I did make was getting rid of the tassel and placing there a big clear plastic bead. I used it like that all day today and still am not convinced this was the best idea. The colourful beads just cannot go unnoticed, so I think there are too many items “screaming” in this piece.

Anyway, this was something I loved doing and, therefore, many more of them will come. Eventually, I’ll find the perfect way to finish it.


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