Crochet + fleece = great idea!

I’m still in a bit of a hurry with all the things I have to do, but I  found a few minutes to go check Creativadoration, a great blog that has some great handmade/fashion/design finds. That’s how I came across the work of KayLim. She’s got some amazing clothing pieces that mix materials and have a pretty special touch to them. As she says on her Etsy profile: “My signature look includes irregular hemline; decolorized or hand-died fabric; and all pieces are constructed from a combination of fabrics and at times with just a hint of Far East tones”. Far East or not, I’m in love with most of her work. Check out the two examples below. They are pretty similar, but each one has a different sleeve detail and I adore both.

Go check her Etsy store HERE.

By the way, I recommend bookmarking Creativadoration, as it is chock full of inspirational images/clothes. I’m taking sewing lessons in hopes of really learning how to make things and the pictures she posts give me tons of ideas for designs.


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