Busy bee

In the last days, I’ve had some pretty good news that are also a tiny little bit bad. Well, you see, I got a job! It is a nice thing for many reasons: I will have a fixed income which is much better than not knowing how much I’ll be making; then, it is awesome that I’m back to online journalism, one field I truly love; it is also extremely close to a major avenue here in São Paulo, which makes easier coming to work, going back home and also running errands and setting meetings up with friends (my cousin works nearby, as two great friends). The only bad part is that I won’t have as much time as before to update this blog. These first days have been pretty chaotic and that’s why I haven’t been able to post at all. From this weekend on, I’ll try to come up with several posts and schedule them. This way, there’ll always be something new here and The Annotated Life won’t look too abandoned.

ps: I’ve finished the rainbow plushie and am only waiting for some free time to come up with a pdf for it. It is the cutest thing ever and the pattern will look great!

pps: I’m really behind with the sidebar. Another task to complete by Friday, argh.


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