Easy fortune cookie

It was a rainy afternoon, so I made a fortune cookie with the pattern I posted about a few days ago. Couldn’t have been easier! I used a bit of hot glue to make the two sides come together in a nice way, bu apparently I used too much glue, as you can tell by the picture. Well, I still love my cookie! =) Check out the project’s page HERE, where you’ll find the link to the pattern. Or just roll down to this post I made about amigurumi.

Crocheted fortune cookie

Edit: I changed the pattern a tiny little bit and forgot to mention that. In the last round, I abandoned the single crochets and worked only double crochets. I guess I made my stitches too tight, so the circle was bit too stiff and the borders were turning out weird. After the dc round, it was easier to shape the cookie.


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