Making fancy/crazy knitting needles

If I had to choose only one craft to do for the remainder of my life, I would choose knitting, no doubt. It was the first one I learned and the one I love the most ’til this day. I don’t care it usually takes me forever to finish a knitting piece or that most patterns require my utmost attention, no. Knitting is a source of pleasure as well as a kind of therapy for all moments, whether they are good or bad.

Because of that everlasting love, I tend to buy more yarn than I could possibly use in a lifetime, not to mention all its correlated gadgets. And I do enjoy the fact that I can get beautiful knitting needles to brighten things up; I’m definitely not one for plain items: everything has got to have a twist of colour.

That said, I present to you the lovely and joyous item below:

Yes, they are knitting needles! They were found via Ei! Kumpel and are, definitely, the crazyest/most beautiful thing I’ve seen in my whole life. These cuties were made with resin and their creator was kind enough to share the how-to with the rest of the world. You can find directions to make your own HERE. Just so you all know: it is quite easy and the mold used is a McDonald’s straw. Apparently, you can make different sizes by finding other tubes. Oh, just go check this great tutorial out, will ya?


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