Amigurumi: make a bunch!

Lately, I haven’t had much time for crafting, so I’m much more into crochet. As much as I love knitting, it usually takes me so long to get an item ready, that I feel that, for the time being, crochet is the way to go. It is much more quicker and its patterns are, most of the times, not so complicated. So I signed up for this amigurumi pattern swap and had to sort a lot of links and patterns out. The results are below; these are the links I sent to my partners. I sure hope whoever comes by this blog enjoys it!

Fortune cookies:
Easy to make, they would be great as party favors. As a matter of fact, I’ve seen this idea somewhere, but with cookies made of paper.

The flickr group has this pattern up on their main page and hundreds of versions of the tiny animal on its archive. The image I chose to illustrate – a pirate octopus – was made by GlamCookie.)

Pocket animals and forest friends:
Learn how to make not one or two, but EIGHT different amigurumi: mouse, rabbit, racoon, robin, owl, skunk, chipmunk and porcupine.

Cherry pickers:
Lovely cherries may look beautiful on a fruit basket, but these can double as a cute pair of earrings!

Cute little bunny:
This is just the cutest bunny I’ve ever seen. I guess there is one kinda like this on that Softies’ book.

I still don’t really know if having a little poo on your desk somewhere is lovely or plain disgusting. But this is quite an adorable amigurumi, really.

Peas in a pod:
This is, actually, a knitting project. I love small items of food, so I fell in love with this, even though I’m not one for peas (or any vegetables, in fact).

Interested in more patterns? Go have a look at this two links: AmiList e Coats and Clark.


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