Cute alert: Wing & Wendy store

I just found this absolutely adorable store over at Etsy, Wing and Wendy. It belongs to sisters that share a passion for fashion and, oh my, it offers some serious cuteness in form of necklaces and rings like the ones below. I don’t really know how I came to find it, but I’m sure it was through one of my hundreds of links. Anyway, I fell in love with a few items, specially the ones with bows. I’ve been quite addicted to bows lately and even bought some pretty items with all kinds of bows on ’em. None of them as beautiful as that Chanel inspired necklace, that also has one other of my current passions: pearls. If you like this two items, be sure to check up their store, as you’ll definitely find a lot more lovable items.


6 thoughts on “Cute alert: Wing & Wendy store

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  2. Hi Nana,

    On behalf of Wing & Wendy, thank you so much for this post! Have you taken a look at the new cold weather accessories line? The new line is very colorful, will keep you warm in the upcoming winter months and you’ll definitely get many wears out of the new line. Check it out when you get a chance:

    Many thanks again for your wonderful post! 🙂


    Christine Wong
    Wing & Wendy, Public Relations Manager

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