Texturized bangles

Leftover yarn is quite a plague for me, as I have tons of small balls of wool that cannot be used for big projects. I like making headbands with them, but there’s only so many you can make and really use. This is why I loved this idea from Martha Stewart’s daily email: wool wrapped bangles. All you have to do is wrap your leftover yarn in a plastic bangle, say, and that’s it, you’ll have a different and texturized bracelet. I specially like the idea of using different colours to make striped bangles.

One advantage of these wool-covered bangles over metal/wood/plastic ones is the noise (lack of it, actually). I love noisy earrings and bracelets, but I can’t deal with clatter like this when I’m working on a computer, for example.


Having fun with tissues

Having a bad cold is one of the worst things in the world for me. I mean, how on earth are we supposed to go about our days when our insides seem to be melting away and escaping through our noses? Terrible. One way to rise from this spiritless experience would be having amusing tissue paper boxes around, like this one I found in Disdressed. “I’m there when you’re sick”, says one of the five humourous sides. Great idea! Go to the original post over Disdressed to check out what the other sides say!

(picture taken from Disdressed)


Simple beaded and crocheted necklace

After seeing this cute necklace on The Pretty Penny, I just knew: I had to make a similar one. So, Tuesday night I took embroidery thread, colourful beads and started the work. For some reason, doing only chains and putting a bead after the other wasn’t really working for me. I went to bed thinking about it and woke up with the answer to my problem! Maybe I should try using two threads of floss and make a chain with no bead in between the ones with beads. This is how the necklace below was born. The best part: it took, I don’t know, 20 minutes to make it, probably. The threads would curl a bit and undoing that took some time.

Plastic beads + embroidery floss = cute necklace (detail)

In the close up below, you can better see that there are two threads and their colours – one was pearly and the other light pink. I also decided to use a different knot to finish the whole thing. Actually, it is not really a knot, but a way to make the ends “tangle” in one another and be a little safe. This way, I can use it as a very long necklace or like the photo.

Plastic beads + embroidery floss = cute necklace (detail)

Another alteration I did make was getting rid of the tassel and placing there a big clear plastic bead. I used it like that all day today and still am not convinced this was the best idea. The colourful beads just cannot go unnoticed, so I think there are too many items “screaming” in this piece.

Anyway, this was something I loved doing and, therefore, many more of them will come. Eventually, I’ll find the perfect way to finish it.


Crochet + fleece = great idea!

I’m still in a bit of a hurry with all the things I have to do, but I  found a few minutes to go check Creativadoration, a great blog that has some great handmade/fashion/design finds. That’s how I came across the work of KayLim. She’s got some amazing clothing pieces that mix materials and have a pretty special touch to them. As she says on her Etsy profile: “My signature look includes irregular hemline; decolorized or hand-died fabric; and all pieces are constructed from a combination of fabrics and at times with just a hint of Far East tones”. Far East or not, I’m in love with most of her work. Check out the two examples below. They are pretty similar, but each one has a different sleeve detail and I adore both.

Go check her Etsy store HERE.

By the way, I recommend bookmarking Creativadoration, as it is chock full of inspirational images/clothes. I’m taking sewing lessons in hopes of really learning how to make things and the pictures she posts give me tons of ideas for designs.


Busy bee

In the last days, I’ve had some pretty good news that are also a tiny little bit bad. Well, you see, I got a job! It is a nice thing for many reasons: I will have a fixed income which is much better than not knowing how much I’ll be making; then, it is awesome that I’m back to online journalism, one field I truly love; it is also extremely close to a major avenue here in São Paulo, which makes easier coming to work, going back home and also running errands and setting meetings up with friends (my cousin works nearby, as two great friends). The only bad part is that I won’t have as much time as before to update this blog. These first days have been pretty chaotic and that’s why I haven’t been able to post at all. From this weekend on, I’ll try to come up with several posts and schedule them. This way, there’ll always be something new here and The Annotated Life won’t look too abandoned.

ps: I’ve finished the rainbow plushie and am only waiting for some free time to come up with a pdf for it. It is the cutest thing ever and the pattern will look great!

pps: I’m really behind with the sidebar. Another task to complete by Friday, argh.


Rainbow swap: received!

I love coming home to mail surprises and that’s what happened a couple days ago. The said surprise was a very cute rainbow plushie from a Swap-bot swap. Also included was a pair of star earrings with a littlebrilliant thing in the middle. Too adorable!

And that made me work harder on the one rainbow I’m making. I wrote a pattern by myself alone for the first time ever, yey! Ok, experienced crocheters may think this is nothing, but it took me quite some time to work out how many increases there should be in each row. Yeah, I know you do 6 for a full circle, so theoretically it should be half this number, but making it was a bit of a problem, for some reason I have yet to discover. Anyway, the pattern is ready and the rainbow is 20% complete, I guess. Strangely enough, I have no orange and yellow yarn, so I have to go buy them today. But as soon as I get them, it’ll be a matter of 2, 3 hours to finish the whole thing.


Embroidering the french way

I love embroidery, but I’m not the most patient person in the world, which means that this is a pleasure I don’t indulge in that often. Anyway, my grandmother had this collection of french booklets that had several incredible patterns. I’m really tempted to use one of those in a white plain dress to give it a little twist, a slightly Mexican flavour. There are so many wonderful patterns that I’m having a hard time deciding which one is my favourite. Check a couple of the pages out: