Recently discovered: Kings of Leon

I always liked Kings of Leon, but it was never really my favourite band. I kinda weeped a bit when they came to play in a festival here in Brazil in 2005 and I couldn’t go (I had already bought the ticket and also missed Arcade Fire, MIA and Strokes; weeping was the least I could do), but it was really no big deal. But now, I’ve been listening to their most recent album,  Only by the night (which is not that recent, come think about it; I guess it was released last October), and freaking out at how good it is.  Then, I went back to their previous work and… oh, my f***ing jesus. How could I have missed it so entirely? I mean, they are really good, aren’t they? How come I never saw that brilliancy before? I was blind but now I see. 😉

So, right now, my favourite band is Kings of Leon. I’ll leave you with two videos from their last Later with Jools Holland appearence. Sex on Fire is their first single from this last album. On Call is a great song from Because of the times. Check it out!


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