Pink shoes to brighten the day

Shoe love!I’m still very much bothered with all the heat so the day went by and nothing I had planned was done. When I woke up to this dreadful weather, I kind of foresaw what lazy and boring day I had ahead of me, so I decided to wear my adorable bubblegum-pink shoes in the hopes they would improve my mood. They were a gift from my brother’s girlfriend and I totally fell in love with ’em for many reasons. First of all: the cute black bow printed on each back. Very, very lovely! And then, we have their colour – a vibrant shade of pink that is bound to make any outfit a bit happier! To top it all, the model: a peep toe wedge that gives me a few extra inches and looks pretty good on my feet. Couldn’t ask for much more, I guess.

So I wore them all day long and did nothing. I mean, I did work a bit, but I’ve been really feeling terrible lately, so I’m just unable to keep on doing just one thing for long, in the same position and all. I’m thinking about moving headquarters: I wanna go live in Rio during this summer and work by the beach, that’s it. Maybe if I think hard enough, I’ll be able to pretend being there.

Spice up your shoes! Shoe love!

(click on the images to see them larger)


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