Crafting with paper

I love paper crafts, but I’m not very good in scrapbooking. Actually, I’m pretty terrible in it. Therefore, in order to calm down my inner needs for messing with paper, I have to search and come up with different techniques and projects. I mean, I’d love to have the ability to put together a wonderful scrapbook, but I just don’t have it in me. So I was checking out some recent projects that involve paper and thought I should post some links here for anyone who’s interested.

I never really cared much about quilling, specially after seeing a couple of terrible projects on one Brazilian magazine. This beautiful ornament, however, made me change my mind. Make this gorgeous paper snowflake with the tutorial from Reese Dixon’s blog. (via Folding Trees, whip up and craftzine)

Simple and cute paper balls for crafting up your tree. The cool thing here is to use the kind of paper they used, the one with one patterned side. I think the big one with the little flowers on the inside is just beautiful! From Design Sponge. (via whip up)

Easy-to-make origami stars. Check the step-by-step instructions over at Zen Crafting. (via Folding Trees and craftzine)

Want flowers that will last (almost) forever? Try out this tutorial from Dozi Design. (via Creature Comforts and whip up)

Lovely paper chandelier. A bit of glitter and some beads will give it a more sparkling look! Made by Cheeky Magpie. (via craftzine)

Kusudama is an origami paper ball, kind of. Read all about it and learn how to make one in Folding Trees – there are two parts and you can find the link for the final one in the end of the post. (via craftzine)

A little bit more complicated, but still on a quite basic level, you can find these great 3D stars by High Hopes. (via craftzine)

A very simple ornament like this one made by Domesticali can become quite adorable when you mix the right coulours or use special paper, like the sheet music.


2 thoughts on “Crafting with paper

  1. Hi, Nana!!
    I’ve seen this chandelier on craftzine too..It’s so delicate!!!…But I’m afraid I won’t have time to do it…=p…I need to finish other ornaments for my tree!!…=( There are so many interesting projects on blogs and web magazines that I regret not have started earlier…

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