Cake and felt ornaments: done!

And so I made the cake. It turned out just as delicious as I had predicted and, the best thing, it is HUGE. My mom had some friends over on Saturday , which means we’ve been eating it since then and it is still not over! There’s a bit less than half of it and I’m starting to think that it might never end. That is some comforting idea, let me tell you! I made only one small alteration to the recipe: the flaked coconut wasn’t toasted at all. It’s not that I don’t like it that way, but I was feeling very lazy and just couldn’t bother to do it. I mean, I had been up since six thirty that morning after sleeping only four hours, so I wasn’t really up to the whole thing. Next time I make it, wanna try using dulce de leche. Oh, it’s gonna be unbelievably good, I betcha.

Oh, I finally got my camera back and photographed some of the lovely ornaments I’ve been making. These are cute little felt mittens with embroidery all over ’em. They were wuite easy to make and I really like the embroidered effect. I also wish I could tell ya that the diference in size of the star-type thingies was made on pirpose, but this would be a big fat lie. Well, what to do? I suck at freehand actions of all sort. Spontaneity is definitely no friend of mine. I still have a lot of these to finish, so I’ll show the complete batch once eveything’s ready, ok?


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