A creative way to recycle bottles

Everything’s a bit busy these days, so I decided to stop my gift guide at part two. It makes perfect sense to me, because it was a guide that targeted one person only: ahn, me. =P It’s not that I don’t have the time to search for great tutorials online, no, I do. But putting the post together takes quite a long extra time, which is what I don’t really have right now. So I’m just going to find nice things out there and post them here, one at a time. Much easier and quicker!

This idea was found on Apartment Therapy and will make a great gift for one of my aunts. Basically, it is a bottle covered with rope and the image was taken from January 2009 issue of Glamour magazine, apparently. They also suggest that fabric and ribbons of all sorts will make as good a material as coloured rope. I kind of prefer some crazy ribbon, ’cause I got no clue where to find this rope. The killer thing here is that you can use cheap soda bottles for this, as no one will actually see them. Gotta love it! No more wasting hundreds of bucks in intrincate handmade vases (unless yo really want to, of course), thankfully. I mean, no matter how much I like ’em or how crazily they were made, I just have better uses for my money these days. The bonus: you get to use plastic or glass bottles that have no other use ’round your house! Talk about recycling!


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