String cuties

Some time ago I received this adorable doll in one swap and fell in love with it. I mean, I had never seen dolls made with string, let alone tiny ones like this, so I was quite in awe. I intended to go to the maker’s site to see if they had more dolls like that, ’cause I figured they would make excellent gifts for swaps, as the person who sent me one must had thought. But due to an extremely busy schedule, I ended up erasing the matter from my mind.

Today, for some reason, I remembered my intentions and, not wanting to go look at the doll’s tag for the brand (oh, lazy-lazy-lazy), which is Liscromo, by the way, I searched the internet for string dolls and found yet another store that makes these pretty things:  Kamibashi (this is japanese for paper bridge, according to their site). Loved everything they make, specially the String Doll Gang. The Gang consists of many-many-many string figurines, each of  ’em with a special power. Below, you see four of them. The Monster Man “helps you see the beauty inside the not-so-beautiful”; Salary Man is the responsible for doing “your work while you’re at the water cooler”; Tabitha is a unicorn (I think) that “makes sure that you always remain a free spirit”; and Thelma “helps you live your life with abandon”. Pretty nice, huh? So if you like ’em, go check the store necause they really have many other fun figurines.


On a different note, I’ve reached the conclusion that freehand embroidery is not for me. I just CANNOT make straight lines or perfectly curved ones. My brother stole my camera for a couple days, but as soon as he returns it, I’ll post pictures of my felt ornaments. Gosh, they look bizarre! I mean, they’re nice from afar, but look closely and you’ll see the mess I’ve made. Ugh!


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