Lucky wedding favours

When I was at my last job, I was the one in charge of updating the blog. It was no big deal, as I love doing this. The boring thing is that many-many-many things I wanted to write about were kind of forbidden for one reason or other. So, when I was told to unpublish some of the posts I’ve made, I chose some of them to put up here, as I thought it would be a total waste not to do this. The info below is one of these. Hope you like it!

(image from MCIdées blog)

Surfin’ the net, I found this totally interesting information on four-leaf clovers. According to Marie Claire Idées’ blog, there is a legend that tells us that each leaf of the clover means something. “The first leaf is for hope, the second for faith, the third for love and the forth, naturally, for luck”. And this really makes sense, as we all see those with all four leaves as lucky items. So it just came to me: crafty brides can make different party favours by putting together in a pretty little box a handful of objects that invoke luck. If you don’t really want to change traditions, one idea is to give out candies in boxes decorated with four-leaf clovers.

(please, bear in mind that I was writing for brides at the time. one other thing: here in brazil it is very common, a tradition, actually, to distribute a little candy called bem-casado – something like well-married – to all the guests.)


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