Gift guide for the holidays, part two

Gift Guide, part two – Jewelry

Next on my list are those friends that love cute things and just don’t step out of their houses with earrings and rings and bracelets and necklaces. Hopefully, not everything at the same time, as I really believe that less is more. 😉 Anyway, for them, of course, handmade jewelry! If you think this is way out of your league, you may want to think about it once again. Even though there certainly are very difficult projects out there, a large number is extremely simple and require no great abilities. I mean, you don’t have to be highly skilled to make a cute necklace.

Liked the idea, but lacks inspiration? I found some great suggestions:

These cute earrings, made by Nicole and found on the Cut Out + Keep forum, are totally adorable! No tutorial on this one, so it will only work for girls who a) already have some experience or b) are of the type that looks at something ’til she’s figured out how to make it. They are actually quite easy to make, as you only need buttons, the earring hooks and some metal rings to connect the whole thing.

Button ring from Peptogirl (with tutorial!). One more project using buttons. I admit I do love colourful plastic and acrilyc items, you know. And maybe (just maybe) not one single friend of mine would like to get this ring as a gift. I guess it is more a gift to myself. I guess I’m the only person “colourful” enough to go about wearing this. What can I do? It’s just too happy a ring for me to let it pass.

Beautiful fabric covered bracelet from Lauren, found on Goody-Goody. The tutorial is great and so is the technique. I don’t really like big bracelets like that because they make me feel like I can’t move my hands freely (ok, I’m weird), but I really want to use this idea to make a necklace. It is definitely something that can be used for both items, so you can even make a combo!

Here are some more nice ideas:

Crocheted earrings found on Craftster; bracelet made by Fops and Dandies (via craftzine); bracelet with ruffles by Thrift Craft.

And one final advice: as those things are, usually, small, make sure your gift will make an impression since the first moment with special packaging, like colourful boxes and ribbons.


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