Gift guide for the holidays, part one

Even though I quite enjoy handing out gifts to loved ones, I have a very bad time choosing items and deciding who gets what. This year is no different but I have one more thing to take into account: as I quit my job a couple months aho and have only got a few freelance jobs, I haven’t got that much money to spend on gifts. So I took a decision: everything I give will be handmade. It is supposed to mean more to the receiver and will make me reach the end of the year with some money on my pocket, yay!

Keeping that in mind (and with an eye in my quite big list of friends and family that deserve gifts), I have come up with a gift guide for this year’s holidays that will help me get everybody something well suited for them. So, in hopes that it may be useful to somebody else, here it goes part one!

Gift Guide, part one – Bath and beauty stuff
They are perfect for that friend that just can’t live without a lip balm or is always applying her hand moisturizer. This kind of items are also a good idea for those relatives you don’t really know much about or even co-workers, because you can make a batch of ’em in no time. And if you’re worried about giving a lot of people the same thing, there is always room for personalization in cards and whatever it is that you use to hold the items.

Making things like that may seem a bit challenging, at first, specially if you never even thought about it, but it only adds to the value of the gift, in my opinion. I mean, you can always go ’round the corner to buy some incredible goods, for sure, but it is much more fun to make your friends’ next favourite cosmetic yourself, right?

Some really good ideas:

Homemade lip balm in adorable customised tins. Scented with your (or your gift’s recipient) fave smell!

Colourful bath fizzies that will make bath time much more enjoyable, for sure.

These two were taken from Martha Stewart Living’s last issue. So, you can either buy the magazine or use these images as your inspiration for packaging and search the ‘net for some recipes. Some books have, also, a quite interesting collection of recipes. A few weeks ago, I wrote about The big-ass book of crafts, which is one of those. The Crafter Culture Handbook is another.

If you need more incredible ideas on that front, head over to this One Pretty Thing post, where Rachel compiled several delightful bath and beauty goodies with their recipes. (Oh, and I just saw that she has links the recipes of the photos above! It means they’re online as well as in the mag, yay!)

You can also find some nice recipes in the third issue of Craftzine, as well as in Not Martha’s How to Make Stuff section. Some more links for y’all:

Check them out, take your picks and start working!


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